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FAQs About Candidacy

Preliminary list of training institutes. It is just a few, more to come to complete the list. This current list does not include institutes and centers that are independent from the American Psychoanalytic Association (ApsaA) or the International Psychoanalytic Association's (ipa) requirements:

One take on what training analysis is:

3 training models from IPA

Everything you ever wanted to know about psychoanalysis

Training to become a psychoanalyst in London

Training at William Alanson White Institute:

Why become an analyst? by Jim Thomas, MD

The training of a psychoanalyst-by Dr. Mars and Dr. Sehl

The "father" of the spirit molecule, Rick Strassman, MD.( on his own psychoanalysis

Black Psychoanalysts speak

Psychoanalytic authors on the couch-Cultural competence in psychoanalysis

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