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Committee on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis

The Committee is charged with developing and implementing projects that serve to modernize the ways in which the various “publics” (whether our division members, APA more broadly, the lay public, or public policymakers) view psychoanalysis as a method of therapy and as an academic discipline.  We all know that the public perception of psychoanalysis is outmoded; characterized as it often is as the recourse of the “worried well,” as “elitist,” “self-indulgent,” not “evidenced based,” “unscientific.” This is true despite the work of some of the leading members of our field. Thus, our efforts are aimed at “re-branding” psychoanalysis through greater use of social media, among other things, by which to nurture graduates students and early career psychologists as well as our more senior members to publicize the deep value of our discipline.

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Committee on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis 2010 Annual Report (PDF, 9KB)

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