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Psychosis & Dissociation Task Force

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Task Force Members

Marie Brown, M.A., Ph.D.

Marilyn Charles, Ph.D. 

The purpose of this task force is to disseminate information about the psychodynamic treatment of schizophrenia spectrum, psychotic, dissociative, and bipolar disorders and to counteract the commonly held belief that psychodynamic approaches are not appropriate for these issues. 

To this end, the task force’s current objectives include: 

  1. Publicize empirical and evidence-based research on psychodynamic psychotherapies for psychosis and trauma-related dissociative disorders through the establishment of informational white papers 
  2. Promote the inclusion of psychodynamic approaches to psychosis and dissociative disorders in clinical training programs through the development of curriculum and practicum opportunities 
  3. Develop teaching tools to help promote the understanding of psychodynamic approaches to psychosis/dissociation treatment for the public at large 
  4. Publicize first-person accounts of successful treatments for psychosis (e.g., I Never Promised You a Rose GardenA Shining Affliction) and better understand service-users' perspectives on these approaches 
  5. Establish links between psychodynamic theories of psychosis/dissociation and the greater scientific literature (e.g., the correlation between trauma and psychosis)
  6. Cultivate awareness of working psychodynamically with psychosis/dissociative populations in diverse clinical settings including private practices, state hospitals, VA medical centers, and other institutional settings.

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