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Ethics Committee

According to the division bylaws “the Ethics Committee shall promote the highest ethical standards for the practice of psychoanalysis.” Given the ambiguity of its meaning, the mission and scope of the Ethics Committee needs to be clarified for both the Committee itself and the membership.

Resolution on the Mission of the Committee

In accordance with Division 39 bylaws, the task of the ethics committee is to promote the highest ethical standards for the practice of psychoanalysis via education and consultation with members of the Division. The purpose of the committee is to provide ethical guidance to Division members of matters of ethical concern via education, discussion, and consultation regarding ethical matters. The Ethics Committee is not an adjudicatory body and as such has no role in allegations of ethical misconduct. Any such allegations are to be brought before the Ethics Committee of the APA.


Jane Tillman


Philip Blumberg
Scott Pytluk
Lisa Wallner Samstag
Joyce Slochower
Katie Lewis (Graduate Student Member)

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