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Div. 39 has over a dozen committees that focus on specific areas of psychoanalysis and include the following:

Active Committees

  • Awards Committee
    The Awards Committee designates an individual each year to receive the Scholarship and Research Award and another to receive the Leadership Award.

  • Candidate Outreach Committee
    The aim of the Candidate Outreach Committee is to identify and represent the needs of current and prospective psychoanalytic candidates within Div. 39.

  • Committee on International Relations in Psychoanalytic Psychology
    The objective of the committee is to promote psychoanalytic psychology internationally and encourage cross cultural exchanges between division members and the international psychology community.

  • Committee on Psychoanalysis and Health Care
    Our objective is to encourage more enthusiasm about strengthening the voice of psychoanalytic theory and practice in the health care area.

  • Committee on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis
    Previously the Task Force on Public Relations for Psychoanalysis.

  • Committee on Research
    The committee on research is the public face of psychoanalytic research for the Division of Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology.

  • Committee on Sexualities and Gender Identities
    Seeks to make recommendations to the Board of Div. 39 regarding the role and the needs of LGBT members and to foster program development at division meetings.

  • Early Career Committee
    Seeks to enhance the experiences of division members who are within their first seven years after training.

  • Education and Training Committee
    Works with the Div. 39 Board, associated division committees and division sections to enhance the representation of psychoanalytical perspectives in academia and research and to promote psychoanalytically-oriented through the development of ongoing panels and symposia for the annual spring meeting. 

  • Ethics Committee
    Promotes the highest standards for the ethical practice of psychoanalysis.

  • Graduate Student Committee
    Encourages student participation in all aspects of the division’s work and provides useful information to graduate students about current psychoanalysis, including programs and training sites that are open to psychoanalytic views.

  • Humanities and Psychoanalysis Committee
    Advance the creation, communication and cross fertilization of knowledge in the humanities and psychoanalysis to the mutual benefit of both domains.

  • Membership Committee
    Tasked with recruitment, retention and engagement  of members in support of the division.

  • Multicultural Concerns Committee
    The Multicultural Concerns Committee aims to increase awareness and understanding of issues of race and ethnicity and their influence on intrapsychic and interpersonal development.

  • Publications Committee
    The Publications Committee serves as liaison to Div. 39’s Board of Directors and oversees production and recommends policy for our journals.

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