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Membership Committee

The membership committee aims to represent the diverse needs of the over 3,000 members of Div. 39, which includes psychologists and other mental health practitioners, as well as researchers and graduate students. The membership committee actively works to create written materials that can be used to reach new members, reconnect with former ones, and convey the ever-developing opportunities within the division. We staff the “welcome table” at The division’s annual spring conferences. Recently, the committee participated in the development of specific initiatives to support early career psychologists’ participation in the division, including reduced fee structures for membership and conference participation. In addition, the committee has begun to develop electronic surveys to poll membership interests of both past and current members.

Committee Goals

  • Identifying and regularly re-evaluating the ways the division may be useful to members.

  • Expanding the ways in which the division demonstrates the benefits of membership more effectively and widely conveys the benefits of membership.

  • Recognizing obstacles that prevent individuals from joining and maintaining membership, and implementing solutions that may reduce these barriers to sustained membership.

  • Proposing new methods of outreach for maintaining a diverse membership body.

  • Communicating with the Division’s other committees and sections in order to determine and advocate for member’s areas of specialized interest.

  • Tracking developments in subgroups of members, membership numbers, and membership status. Communicating with APA regarding membership issues in the larger organization, as well as collaborating with other APA divisions around membership retention.

Committee Members

Society for Psychoanalysis and Psychoanalytic Psychology (Div. 39)
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Phoenix, AZ 85080

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