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Publications Committee

The Publications Committee serves as liaison to Div. 39’s Board of Directors and oversees production and recommends policy for our journals. It works closely with the editors of: Psychoanalytic Psychology, our flagship journal and DIVISION/Review, our new (in 2011) journal of opinion and review. The editors are all ex officio members of the Publications Committee.

The committee advises and consults with the internet editor, who is an ex officio committee member, in developing and maintaining our division website and coordinating the division’s electronic communications.

The chair of the Editorial Board of APA’s PsycSCAN: Psychoanalysis (formerly Psychoanalytic Abstracts) is an ex officio member of the Publications Committee and serves in selecting psychoanalytic articles from a wide range of psychoanalytic publications for inclusion in that database.

The Publications Committee functions as liaison to the Psychoanalytic electronic publisher which produces and maintains the PEP-WEB online database of psychoanalytic journals and books (to which division members receive a discounted subscription). 

We also have developed and maintain the joint Div. 39/APA Press Johanna K. Tabin Book Proposal Prize for a first book in psychoanalysis as a way of encouraging psychoanalytic authorship among our younger members.

Committee Members

Ex Officio

  • William MacGillivray, president

  • Mary Beth Cresci, past president

  • Marsha McCary, treasurer

  • Elliot Jurist, editor Psychoanalytic Psychology

  • David Lichtenstein, editor DIVISION/Review

  • Doris Silverman, PsycScan

  • Barry Cohen, internet editor

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