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Awards Committee Members

Elliot Jurist, chair 


Monique Bowen

Brian Brown

Kritika Dwivedi

Colin Ennis

Maureen Murphy

Shara Sand


Division 39 Awards recognize the contributions and accomplishments of psychoanalytic psychologists in a number of different areas.  Division 39 Awards include the following:

Founders Award: This award honors an individual who has dedicated him/herself to the advancement of psychoanalysis, and has made enduring contributions to psychoanalytic psychology and/or psychoanalysis influencing generations of psychoanalytic psychologiststhrough research, scholarship, practice, supervision, and/or mentoring.

Leadership AwardThis award is given to a person who has demonstrated outstanding leadership by service to Division 39, and to activities advancing psychoanalytic psychology and/or psychoanalysis.

Diversity Award: This award recognizes an individual who has made important contributions in expanding knowledge and advancing issues of diversity within psychoanalytic psychology and/or psychoanalysis.

Research Award: This award is given to a person who has made significant contributions in advancing psychoanalytic research.

Scholarship Award: This award is given to a person who has made significant contributions in advancing psychoanalytic theory and practice.

2020 Awards Recipients

Leadership Award: Dennis Debiak

Research Award: Vittorio Lingiardi

Scholarship Award: David Lichtenstein

Past Awards Recipients

Past Recipients of the

Scholarship and Research Award:

2020: Vittorio Lingiardi (Research) & 

David Lichtenstein (Scholarship)

2019: Jacques Barber (Research) & 

Stephen Seligman (Scholarship)

2018: Diana Diamond (Research) & 

            Lew Aron (Scholarship)

2017: Jeremy Safran (Research) & 

            Philip Bromberg (Scholarship)

2016:  Miriam Steele (Research) &

            Melanie Suchet (Scholarship)

2015:  William Gottdiener 

2014:  Elliot Jurist

2013:  Paul Wachtel 

2012:  Nancy McWilliams 

2011:  Adrianne Harris 

2010:  Kimberlyn Leary 

2009:  Ricardo Ainslie 

2008:  Allan Schore 

2007:  Doris Silverman 

2006:  Wilma Bucci 

2005:  Judie Alpert 

2004:  Enrico Jones 

2003:  Bertram Karon 

2002:  Drew Westen 

2001:  Jessica Benjamin 

2000:  Sidney J. Blatt 

1999:  Beatrice Beebe 

1998:  Frank Lachmann 

1997:  Fred Pine 

1996:  Louise J. Kaplan 

1995:  Robert Stolorow 

1994:  Irene Fast 

1993:  Jay R. Greenberg 

1992:  Morris Eagle 

1991:  Sylvia Brody 

1990:  Marvin Hyman 

1989:  Steven A. Mitchell 

1988:  Bruno Bettleheim

Past Recipients of the 

Founders Award:

2020: Bryant Welch

2019: Marilyn Metzl

2017: Bertram Karon

2006: Oliver Kerner 
2010: Hedda Bolgar & Johanna Tabin

Past Recipients of the Leadership Award:

2020: Dennis Debiak

2019: Lynne Layton

2018: Frank Summers

2017: Steven Reisner & Stephen Soldz

2016:  Mary-Joan Gerson

2015: Richard Ruth 

2014:  Marilyn Charles 

2013:  Marsha McCary  

2012:  Maureen Murphy & Henry Seiden  

2011:  Marilyn Jacobs  

2010:  Jonathan Slavin 

2009:  Jaine Darwin 

2008:  Neil Altman 

2007:  William MacGillivray 

2006:  Lew Aron 

2005:  Nancy McWilliams 

2004:  Larry Zelnick 

2003:  Laurel Wagner 

2002:  Franklin Goldberg 

2001:  Harriette Kaley 

2000:  George D. Goldman 

1999:  Esther Mullen 

1998:  Robert Lane 

1997:  Ruth Ochroch 

1996:  Nat Stockhammer 

1995:  Rudolf Ekstein 

1994:  Bryant Welch 

1993:  Esther Menaker 

1992:  Jules C. Abrams 

Past Recipients of the Diversity Award:

2018: Scott Pytluk

2017:  Dorothy Holmes

2016:  David Ramirez

2015:  Pratyusha Tummala-Narra

2014:  Dolores Morris

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