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Stephen Soldz

Stephen Soldz is Professor at the Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis. He is also part-time faculty in the mental health counseling program at Boston College. Soldz is a clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst with a specialization in research methodologies. For the last decade he has been a leader in a movement to remove psychologists from sometimes abusive national security interrogations and to change the American Psychological Association's (APA) permissive policies allowing that involvement. These efforts bore fruit last year when a report commissioned by the APA (Hoffman Report) documented extensive collusion between the APA and the Defense Department, leading the APA to vote to remove psychologists from national security interrogations. The Defense Department followed suit and withdrew psychologists from any involvement in detainee relations at Guant√°namo. As part of this effort he wrote or coauthored over 100 articles, journal papers, and book chapters and was interviewed by press from around the world. Soldz was a lead author of last year's "All the President's Psychologists: The American Psychological Association's Secret Complicity with the White House and US Intelligence Community in Support of the CIA's 'Enhanced' Interrogation Program," featured on the front page of the May 1 The New York Times. His work has expanded beyond interrogations to encompass ethical issues raised by other forms of psychologist involvement in military and intelligence operations, an area known as "operational psychology." During the fellowship year, Soldz will reflect upon lessons learned over the last decade of struggle and work on the ethics of operational psychology, contextualizing those ethical issues in a real-world understanding of the broader influences affecting military and intelligence activities..

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